Our clothes express our emotions and methods of thinking. Colours, shapes or even words putted on clothes say something about us and about what we like and dislikes. Custom T-shirt with outstanding text on it is very popular now. The sign should be funny or surprising. It may be related with famous TV-series or mems, however as well with situation in politics or company, all depend on creativity of the author.

fashionably dressed woman

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Many today’s projects are connected with landscapes or cities,therefore we could have got a beaytiful custom printing nyc or Los Angeles or Paris and so on. Garment with interesting and non-standard titles have become very popular. In Poland there is a large number of patriotic T-shirts withmighty hussar, The Warsaw Uprising, bear Wojtek all of them are high-quality made,so company sells them in thousands.

Not only in the period of celebration the anniversary of some action, but as well in various time of the year. Blouses with custom printing nyc or other important location are neutral, T-shirts with national symbol are more important. However they may be connected with one determinate part of society, more connected with tradition and conservative and be made a part of organisation identification.

Goths, Metals, fans of football teams all of them have their own dress-code. Colours or texts which helps recognise a member of ours or opposite group, these kind of separating are a part of our natural need of group acceptance.


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Garment help us present ourselves and managed with our emotions. If we have black clothes with silver items that means we want to be seem as a a person who think in the different way and with some creativity, that we don’t like usual standards.

If we have clothes which is connected with soldiers, that means we like or are interested in discipline or some hard rules that we may based our existance, bright and pink colours announce that we are very happy and maybe a little childish (it depends on the situationcondition). A large number of us like extraordinary clothes, but we must remember that they are just creation of that how we image ourselves in front of people and in front of ourselves.