The individuals love to spend their spare moment in time in shopping centers or in large stores. Nonetheless, most buyers like places where they are able to buy many products in one place. Today there will be described a retailer which offers lots of items in 1 place.


Autor: Kimon Berlin
The shop is called House of Fraser and it is popular in the United Kingdom. The store has been established in 1849 and it is 165 years on the market! It is such a very long point in time and it means that the store is trustworthy and sells the high quality items. The founders of the retailer were Hugs Fraser and James Arthur. In 1849 they opened the first store in Glasgow, Scotland.

At present, the inheritance of Fraser and Arthur is in good hands. The influent people of the corporation are: Don McCarthy, Chairman, John King, CEO and Mark Gifford, CFO. Nowadays there are 60 stores in the UK and Ireland.

The department shops sells lots of different goods in several groups. Some of the categories are: ladies, men, shoes and shoes, bags and luggage, beauty, kids, house, furniture, electrical, presents and weddings. What do include the groups? In the women part you will find: dresses, coats, tops, nightdress, underwear, accessories and more.

In the section dedicated to men, you can get: T-shirts, jeans, everyday shirts, trousers, lingerie, swimwear, nightshirt, trainers, handbags and more. In the kids section, there are clothing items for youngster and girls, trainers, toys and other items. The House of Fraser department shops provides large variety of items for everyone.

This week, House of Fraser provides the bargain codes which will reduce your receipt at the checkout. The house of fraser voucher code is a wonderful solution for all customers who enjoy bargains.

Tonight you can try the House of Fraser out and verify the class of sold items. Take the bargain code which is able to be found in the local magazine and in the shopping magazine and purchase more and pay less for your shopping. Buying at House of Fraser can be enjoyable activity for you and your friends.