A lot of Polish citizens still are staying into old houses, created several decades earlier. Their are lovely structures with fascinating history, but either extremely wasteful. Cause decades ago, architects weren’t familiar with modern materials. Their single job was to build house that is good looking and save.


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finishing coat

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Because of that, walls in structures this Kind are porous, and a lot of warm air are leaving trough it. It’s especially unpleasant in time of winter. but fortunately, there are many of hi-tech methods to warm up your house.
fibreglass mesh

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At start, you have to remove windows, if you still own ancient, wooden ones. Possibly their are vanguard, but a lot of warm air is escaping trough it. Hi-tech elements, produced of synthetic fabrics, goes in plenty of colors, are economical and in really reasonable prize. After that, you must to insulate interior surfaces with fibreglass mesh. That is hi-tech fabric which is keeping your apartment very warm and is really good for the surface, cause it aids them breath – therefore you do not need to be afraid about some mould in the middle of interior. Fibreglass mesh is taking several centimeters from field of your room, but it’s worth to be used – from the source. It’s very great fabric especially when you have ancient exterior walls at your house and you can’t cover them using any fabrics, therefore you have to insulate it from the inside.
But in the structure which isn’t very pretty from the outside, you may use finishing coat. That is type of material that will warm up each of your exterior surface really nice – visit To try it, you have to hire team of experts, because it is more difficult. When you don’t know anyone decent for this task, you should search trough internet, by typing down correct phrase into the browser. You should get many of effects from your city, compare each team to another. Get to know, which of them know how to use finishing coat onto the walls. The price isn’t very relevant factor during your decision. First of all, you have to read any recommendations of past clients of every group. Thanks to this, you’ll be able to avoid dishonest individuals. That will save you a lot of nerves.
If we’re living in our personal house, with a beautiful backyard, we’re really happy.

but if this building is very ancient and has leaky walls, we spend a lot of money for heating each winter. But you do not have to move out to avoid this problem. You just have to invest in hi-tech fabrics, which would help you to warm up your house. At start – windows. Beside, don’t forget about surfaces – outside and interior ones. Plenty of hot air is leaving trough those.