Young people entering the adulthood is a specific group of people. It is connected with the fact that they tend to have a variety of doubts connected with diverse decisions – beginning with those pretty important, like what to do with life and which way of career do we ought to we choose and ending on questions like what to wear on next party in order to gather the attention of a person that matters for us.


Autor: Marcin Urban
Źródło: Miasto Kobiet

The topic of this article would be referred to the second problem that also refers to the world of fashion. The impact of this area (as in almost every other fields, goods etc.) is to some extent harmful and to some extent positive. In terms of the first one we are recommended to not forget that young people, who often tend to seek for acceptance (one of the most basic human demands), tend to believe that they can achieve this aim by wearing clothes that mostly cost a fortune. As a result, watching and obeying the content of the blog of various professionals in the topic of current trends regards clothes, if it isn’t followed rational thinking, is likely to lead to numerous difficulties.

This kind mentality, a variety of young people still represent (above all concerning females), is with no doubt wrong, as the real acceptance might be reached only in case we are accepted not by what we have on ourselves, but rather by accepting who we are. However, these arguments doesn’t imply that fashion is something totally bad and harmful, which is advised to be almost avoided. In the reality then it may be a very valuable source of information regards what is currently popular and how should we choose clothes in order to feel well in them.

This explains that in order to look well being in touch with newest trends in the area of fashion is something quite recommendable. However, if we have inappropriate attitude and treat opinions of diverse designers too seriously, we can end up with wasting much money and regretting our decisions.